Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitiable.
— William Pollard

With ever-evolving technology in the era of the microwave results, quality becomes a delicate balance. We want things RIGHT NOW but we also want it with robust function, creativity, and customized to suit our checklist of needs at a cost we prefer. Nothing is perfect, in-fact alike the world around us that is constantly perfecting structure, process, and aesthetics, in consulting we too are constantly evolving. One thing that's for certain is that there are no cookie cutter solutions. A suite of needs may be similar in process but in strategy what works for one company may not work for another. Sometimes that line is hard to detect but a good consultant can always fine that line or simply help you cross a barrier and customize solutions to fit your needs.

At DIMECD we pride ourselves on the ability to offer business SOLUTIONS. Solutions is a word when pulled apart it either sounds very broad or really provocative. The broad side to DIME's approach is offering solutions to business owners both inside and out. Meaning: We help to pull apart and perfect systems that enhance businesses from the inside. Working on a business from the inside improves function and gives the business owner the ability to actually just focus on their actual product or service while we help to create inner business efficiency. The provocative side to DIME's approach attacks a business from the outside. Meaning: Giving a business owner, start-up, or nonprofit the ability to put out small fires within their company while we creatively construct, reconstruct, or refresh what's seen by their clients, and enhance any connected print and online branding that is associated. We also love helping clients think of new avenues to obtain clients, enhance products and services that add value to their bottom lines and their clients, or sessions to help you become unstuck in the process of obtaining or furthering your business goals.

This will mean something different for each client, which is why DIME loves the work we do because no situation is ever cookie cutter, no approach is ever completely the same, and no idea is ever complete without a little creativity.

Check out our FAQs page for answers to popular questions we receive, and schedule a free consultation today to determine if we can assist you. Pssst...(we're pretty confident that we can).

My daughter age 3 "running her business" at my mother's kitchen table.

My daughter age 3 "running her business" at my mother's kitchen table.

"DIME officially formed right at my mother's kitchen table back in 2009, it was only a few years prior that I'd picked up the skill of web design in undergrad, I soon began assisting others with building websites as a favor. In grad school a professor sent me to a career conference on consulting that totally changed the direction of my entrepreneurial mindset, that experience combined with freelancing skills from undergrad and a gentle nudge from both my husband and mother brought DIME to life. As word began to pick up that a girl was building quality websites, my work slowly gained interest. Slowly from websites to consulting and a few things in-between, it was at my mother's kitchen table that I realized perhaps I should take the work more seriously."
-Tonisha, Founder/Chief Solutionist DIMECD


A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.
— Prov. 18:16 KJV

Q: Do you create video or small film projects?
A: The short answer is no. Unfortunately, we do not work with video or film production but as your hired solutionist we help to research options and companies that do and will walk through or manage processes for our clients as needed.

Q: Do you only build websites as it seems like much of your portfolio is based around web work?
A: DIMECD is a creative consultancy, our primary clients tend to hire us for website work but we offer many services. Often times once contracted for web work, our clients love our customer service and find that we fulfill a need outside of their projects original scope and keep us on. We'd love to work with you contact us to discuss your project.

Q: Why do you call yourselves "solutionists" when you are just consultants?
A: At DIME we don't think of ourselves as just consultants, sure consulting is at the heart of what we do by definition but we do offer solutions. Ex: A client has a bright idea in the midnight hour, they shoot us an email while it's on their mind. Twenty-four hours later we've emailed them an outline with specifics on best next steps. That's not consulting...that a solution.

Q: Why should I pay for a website, when I can use social media for free?
A: The truth is, a website is a refined combination of your company's essence and service or product list. Within this package you get to fully express who you are as a company as creatively or structured as you'd like. Your not pigeon held to characters, a cookie cutter cutout, and you can connect your social media to broaden your exposure and share more of your company mission. Every company does not need a website right away and for some a plan to attack their specific market can just use social media. Think of a website also as your portfolio pass it includes snippets of everything your way, as you grow or even launch you'll want a website to pull everything together.

Q: DIY or custom website?
A: Custom websites are costly. You should only opt to create a custom website if you are 1) making profits and or have a budget that allows such work, 2) cannot find a solution that works for you in DIY, 3) have a trained person on staff that understands how to further update your website. DIY websites have come a l-o-n-g way, and there are many ways to make them feel and look customized. We do both and can further discuss what's best for your situation during a consultation contact us today!

Q: We had a horrible experience with our last web developer, they charged us $2,000 and never finished the project. 
A: Alas, we are sad to say this happens very often. When you turn to someone to build a website you are in need and either don't speak a language that a website designer does or don't have the time to build what it is you desire. Trust us...we know this. The good thing is DIME will never abandon you, if we've taken you on as a client we work hard to complete what we've been contracted to do and have many clients who will attest to that. See our reviews online!

Q: What other "solutions" do you offer? 
A: Find a list of our current and ever evolving services here, because we don't like to box ourselves we offer the custom projects option. Contact us today so we can discuss your needs.

Q: Do you offer web design training?
A: Why yes of course! We'd love to come teach you, your group or organization how to build a website, and the training just doesn't stop at websites. Contact us for more information and let's put something together!

Q: What's the total amount of time it takes you to complete a project?
A: We know you need a miracle in under 24 hours and sometimes depending upon the project this may be feasible, but if you're looking for quality don't hold us to your drive thru expectation. There are companies that promise deliveries of this sort and you can find them online, we ahem...are not one of them.

Q: What's a brainstorming session and why would I need to pay for one?
A: A brainstorming session is where you and a DIME solutionist and or a group of trusted individuals sit in think tank fashion to come up with confidential solutions to a problem or business process. Many times we like to sprinkle a little creativity in our sessions, we find it gets the juices flowing. Multiple ideas and strategies come out of synergy because it is a combined group effort attacking a problem or process from a variety of angles. Many fortune 500 companies do this so to roll out new products, updated missions, or creative advertising campaigns. DIME offers this option for the dreamer, the start-up, and any small businesses that may benefit. This session can be held completely online or in the space of your choosing, contact us to get started.

Q: My social media skills are zero, I really need them developed and maintained. Can DIME do this?
A: Of course! Contact us today let's discuss your needs in detail.

Q: I have social media but my following is poor, what can I do to get more connected to my customers?
A: The short answer is consistency and engagement. Let's discuss this over a cup of coffee? Contact us.

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