Sometimes it's the little things that make a HUGE difference.

It took you months to complete that three-thousand piece puzzle and now that you finally are about done you can't find that one piece! Dad's chili recipe is fantastic when he cooks it, somehow even after following the entire recipe down to his single poblano pepper for extra spice, yet something is still missing. You've planned all year long for your annual girlfriends trip to Miami, you thought you were well prepared but at departure one minor detail will cost the group an additional one-thousand dollars. 

Let DIME be that fresh set of eyes, to enhance your organization creatively and with more game plans ever considered possible.


Interested in developing an idea, let a DIME solutionist become your sounding board. 


Hitting brick walls? Let a DIME solutionist solve your everyday organization or departmental dilemmas.


 Let a DIME solutionist help trim the fat and revamp your clarion call.